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Miodula Presidential Liqueur 500ml (ABV 40%)

Miodula Presidential Liqueur 500ml (ABV 40%)

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Miodula Prezydencka (Presidential) is a traditional Polish honey spiced liqueur. Made by combining high-quality natural honey with a blend of spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. The mixture is then fermented with yeast and aged in oak barrels for several months, allowing the flavours to meld and mature.

Miodula Prezydencka (Presidential) has a rich, complex flavor that balances the sweetness of the honey with the warmth and spice of the other ingredients. It has a smooth, velvety texture and a warm, lingering finish.

It is typically enjoyed neat, either at room temperature or slightly chilled, and it can also be used as a flavourful ingredient in cocktails and mixed drinks.

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