Collection: Lark Distillery

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Lark Distillery, an Australian distillery renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to producing world-class whiskies. Within our coveted Lark Distillery collection, you will discover a range of whiskies that embody the passion, innovation, and rich flavours that have made Lark a revered name in the whisky industry.

  1. Classic Single Malt: Our collection showcases the flagship Classic Single Malt expressions from Lark Distillery, paying homage to the traditional art of whisky-making. Crafted using Tasmanian barley, these whiskies undergo slow and careful maturation in a variety of cask types, resulting in a depth of character that is both elegant and sophisticated. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours of malted barley, with notes of honey, toasted oak, and delicate spices that harmonize beautifully on the palate.

  2. Cask Strength Marvels: For the whisky connoisseur seeking intensity and depth, our Lark Distillery collection features a selection of cask strength expressions. These whiskies are bottled at their natural strength, allowing you to experience the full spectrum of flavors and aromas. Each sip reveals a robust and concentrated profile, unveiling a symphony of caramel, dark chocolate, and dried fruits, all underpinned by the influence of carefully selected oak casks.

  3. Innovative Cask Finishes: Lark Distillery is known for its innovative approach to cask maturation, and our collection showcases the exciting results of these unique experiments. Discover whiskies that have been finished in a variety of casks, such as Port, Sherry, or even locally sourced Australian wine barrels. These finishing touches infuse the whiskies with a remarkable complexity and introduce additional layers of flavour, making each expression a truly distinctive and captivating experience.

  4. Limited Edition Releases: Delight in the exclusivity of our limited edition releases, crafted in small quantities to celebrate special moments and milestones. These whiskies capture the essence of Lark Distillery's commitment to excellence and innovation, often pushing the boundaries of flavour and aging. With their rare availability and exceptional quality, these limited editions are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

  5. Crafted with Passion: Above all, each bottle in the Lark Distillery collection reflects the unwavering passion and dedication of the distillers. From the careful selection of ingredients to the meticulous distillation and maturation process, every step is undertaken with an unwavering commitment to quality. By honouring tradition while embracing innovation, Lark Distillery continues to redefine the boundaries of Australian whisky.

Indulge in the captivating range of Lark Distillery whiskies, where tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship unite to create truly remarkable spirits. With every sip, you will embark on a sensory journey through the lush Tasmanian landscapes, as the whiskies reveal their distinct flavours and intricate complexities. Whether you're a seasoned whisky enthusiast or a curious explorer, our Lark Distillery collection invites you to experience the exceptional whiskies that have solidified Lark's position as a pioneer in the world of Australian whisky.